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Good morning. Now the alliance have been in place for a quarter I am interested to know which of the many policies all the independents, the greens, the Lib Dem’s, the labour and the independent, independent are going to be put in place I don’t see any amendments to the 2014 to 2021 plan so am interested to see what the focus will be. A list would be great. After all a part of many election promises was visibility. I look forward to your reply Doug. (16/09/2019)


Thank you for your interest .

As I am sure you will appreciate the first ‘100 days’ created a significant work load with so many new councillors. Additionally the formation of an Alliance Administration provided several new ways of working with officers.

The Rother Corporate Plan, 2014-2021, is now subject to review with all members being involved. This work is currently ongoing with a draft being prepared following an all members event this November.

More information will be provided although you will be aware that a motion to undertake the required procedures (a community governance review) with a view to forming a Bexhill Town Council was agreed by Full Council on 22 May.  In addition at Full Council on 16 September Climate Change Emergency was unanimously agreed by all members pledging to do what is within the powers of RDC to make Rother carbon neutral by 2030. (18/09/2019)

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