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Camber Western Car Park – last year, it was advertised as gates open in until 6pm and all gates shut at 8pm.

I visit after work to walk my dogs and the gates were always shut well before 6pm.

So this year, I emailed the council as I didn’t want a repeat of my wasted visits. Was told I was correct and it would be sorted. This year car park advertised under new management, lots of signs and machines. So I arrive 3 weeks ago, 5pm. Gates shut! Lady on duty informs me they shut at 5pm as that’s when they finish work. She did let me in when I explained that the website for the carpark says access until 6pm.

I emailed the council (again) and now told that this is correct and website is wrong. If I want to park to walk my dogs after hours (5pm) they directed me to a non council carpark further down somewhere in Camber!

This is ludicrous- a summer carpark that shuts at 5pm?? That evening was glorious and 8 other cars turned round and drove away seeing they couldn’t get in.

Then I arrive at 4.30pm on Sunday 17th June to find gates shut. Man stood by booth looks at me so I asked why gates were shut. ” we’re going home”!

I told him that the gates were supposed to be open until 5pm so he opened and let me in.

As I was getting my ticket, I saw other cars turning around and leaving.

So I have several points to raise.

Why as a summer car park for in particular dog walkers does it shut at 5pm?

If the management company are running it ( loads of machines and signs) why are you paying people to still sit in the booth? And are they paid while they are there or to a set time?

Why is the main car park completely accessible and Camber Western gates in shut so early?

Is the cafe any connection to Rother District council as the people opening the gates seem to open the cafe?

Incidentally, Saturday 16th June- there was a queue of us waiting to get in at 8.30am- but what should I expect really??

This whole issue is a mess and I would like some answers please. (17/06/2018)


Thank you for your question and please accept our apologies for any confusion regarding the closing times of the gates at Western Car Park.

Since the introduction of the new parking management system we have been reviewing the opening and closing times of these gates and it has been agreed that going forwards, for this summer season, the entrance gates at Camber Western Car Park will remain open until 8pm on a trial basis.

Along with all opening and closing times, the new closing time of 8pm will be reviewed at the end of this season ready for next year, and may be altered according to demand.

The new closing time will not commence until the end of July 2018 when the appropriate signage can be installed, and in the meantime I am assured that the car park will remain open until 6pm each evening.

The café in Western Car park operates independently from the car park and although access may be required for contractors or suppliers to the café, this should have no bearing on the opening and closing times of the car park.

I trust this answers your question. (19/06/2018)

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