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Why, when there are double yellow lines along the road, do no parking enforcement officers visit herbrand walk TN39 4TX and fine them? Usually at weekends, all day, causing mayhem and blocking the road and even worse, behind our beachhuts so that we cannot park behind our huts. we never get any services along here to stop this or prevent the jetskis either. the coastal officers do not visit this beach and we get no help to enforce the laws here; please could you explain why? many thanks (22/07/2021)


Thank you for your enquiry about parking on double yellow lines at Herbrand Walk. This falls under on-street parking restrictions which are enforced by East Sussex County Council. The parking team can be contacted via the following methods: email the: parking customer service team or telephone on 01273 335 500 (select option 1). Whilst it is not possible for East Sussex County Council to have enforcement staff pro-actively present at Herbrand Walk on a daily basis, they will endeavour to attend reactively in response to reports from members of the public.

Jet skis launching off the beach remains a problem that is difficult to tackle as in order to take action we need names and addresses of the perpetrators and times, dates and evidence of being in the act of launch and recovery.  We are raising this at a higher level to see if the law can be changed with regards to use of jet skis but like the use of mobile phones in cars, may be difficult to police. You can report jet skis launching and/or recovering off the beach at Herbrand Walk along with other issues such as illegal camping on the Rother District Council website: Report It – Rother District Council. Logging these issues will help us to work with our partners to better enforce against anti-social beach users. Whilst we cannot post Costal Officers at Herbrand Walk on a daily basis, this beach forms part of our regular patrol route. We also have plans in place to instigate joint enforcement action with the police and parking enforcement officers on various occasions during July and August.

Although it is of little comfort, the issues we are facing are UK wide. Please be assured we will continue to work to mitigate the impact of this anti-social behaviour and disregard for the byelaws. (23/07/2021)

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