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We have all seen the enormous amount of rubbish left by tourist on Camber beach. This has been cleared by the council but can you tell me what happens to this rubbish? Does it go to land fill? (02/07/2020)


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the litter and rubbish left on Camber Beach and what happens to it, and indeed what happens to other rubbish we collect in Rother District that can’t be recycled.

In the past, domestic waste such as litter collected from litter bins, beaches and streets  (which is usually soiled and contaminated) or from black household waste bins,  would have been taken to landfill which would take time to decompose.  

However we are lucky that in our area we have the ability to use the multi-million pound Veolia Energy Recovery Facility in Newhaven which effectively burns the litter and waste to produce electricity for local houses.  It may sound daunting when we mention incineration, but the new technology has a very positive role in the industry and environment. To ensure that the gas emissions meet the stringent standards imposed by regulatory bodies (e.g. EU Waste Incineration Directive) for public health and environmental protection, modern incineration plants adopt a number of advanced design and process controls. It is known that more pollution is generated on one bonfire night in November than one whole years’ worth at this incineration plant.

Whilst we have mechanisms in place to reduce harm to the environment and continue to try our upmost to recycle residents and visitors waste, it is important that the consumer can make conscious decisions on what they buy to make sure the waste is treated correctly.  We all have a passion to make a difference to our environment and we strive to follow the best use of technology to reduce the harm to our planet.

I hope the information has been helpful and thank you for your continued support. (02/07/2020)

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