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As well as many others, there are public use “wheelie” disposal bins in the Bexhill Sainsburys car park and in the small public car park near Tesco’s, in Little Common. They are all overflowing. They clearly have not been emptied for some time; the former has, amongst other unsavoury items, a lavatory discarded next to the bin. I understand that these are an R.D.C. responsibility to empty. Why has this not occurred? Not really a good example to set. (25/08/2019)


Thank you for concern which is shared by many residents including myself regarding slippage in the collection by the new contractor Biffa of the recycling sites.

Officers are liaising with Biffa who in turn are reviewing the collection schedules to ensure the unacceptable levels of over flow at sites are dealt with.

Recycling sites are provided for domestic use only although there are at certain sites significant increased  business use which is prohibited causing the sites to overflow. Local businesses are required to make their own waste and recycling arrangements through commercial waste and recycling operators therefore not using local recycling sites.

Officers are continuing to work with Biffa to improve the collection frequency to recycling sites thus they are in good order facilitating the use for residents as quite rightly expected to recycle with ease. (27/08/2019)

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