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Fly tipping. Reading an article on fly tipping in Kent, I noted that Folkestone & Hythe have a specific form for reporting fly tipping. Please see link I note that RDC use Fix my Street, wouldn’t a detailed form be better? How effective is Fix My Street? (31/05/2018)


Thank you for your question regarding the logging of fly tipping on Fix my Street.

Fix my Street works well; as does telephoning any reports of fly tipping into Customer Services.

Concerns regarding fly tipping received at the Council are forwarded to the Council’s Planning & Environmental Enforcement Team (PEET) and also the Council’s Contracts Compliance Officers (CCOs).

CCOs attend the scene, photograph it in situ and search for evidence.  If there is no evidence the Council’s Waste Collection Contractor, Kier is asked to remove it.  If there is evidence then it is photographed in situ and retrieved for colleagues in the PEET via evidence bags. The Council’s Waste Collection Contractor, Kier then removes it and the PEET investigate it as a crime. (31/05/2018)

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