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When is Rye going to have another recycling centre in addition to the existing one on Gibbet Marsh? Every week it is overflowing, bags of recycling and other rubbish dumped beside the bins. I have contacted Customer Services numerous times and they always assure me that the contractor will make more frequent trips but still it continues. Why can’t the one in Jempsons car park be replaced? Clearly there is a need. (29/05/2018)


Jempsons Rye car park is private, and the owner made a request for the recycling point to be permanently removed. Rother has looked for alternative sites within Rye however space is limited particularly in the public car parks. Rother has also approached other commercial outlets in Rye without success. Gibbet Marsh car park site is heavily used and we are working with our contractor Kier to make sure they are getting there on a frequent enough basis to keep the site from overflowing. (29/05/2018)

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