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I see RDC has continued with its vile hatred for motor homes.  What the hell is the problem with this council?

Give me one genuine reason why motor homes should be banned from so many car parks. We use them to go shopping, we pay the same amount as a car to use the same space.

Cornwall is just as stupid, they have done their best to ban motorhomes everywhere and now they are complaining that all the areas are suffering because of the lack of tourism.

Why have RDC developed this hatred for motorhomes? Why do you want to turn away money from the area?  I’m interested to know why.

Sending this message parked in the De la warr car park … which is at present close to empty! (20/06/2020)


Rother District Council recently approved the introduction of the District of Rother (Off-street) Parking Places Order 2020, which comes into effect from July 1st.

Under the new order, we have increased provision for motorhomes by allowing them to park in Manor Barn car park in Bexhill, Gibbet Marsh car park in Rye, and Lower Market car park in Battle. Most motorhomes do not fit into a single parking bay, and due to their width, they often also make it difficult for vehicles to park in the bays either side.

This results in motorhomes taking up multiple bays for one vehicle and leaving fewer spaces for other visitors. Providing larger bays for motorhomes to use would also have the same impact in reducing the total number of bays available. Motorhomes may also park on-street unless signage indicates restrictions are in place. (24/06/2020)

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