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What is the point of me sorting out all my rubbish each week into the correct bin or box when my glass is put into the large green bin. I’ve spoken to the men and women and they say the glass collection part of the lorry is not working, this has been going on for over 9 months in our street. Morgan Close TN39 5EQ. When speaking to the lady who was driving the lorry yesterday she said that they contract for the bin was up next March and she didn’t think the glass section in lorry was going to be repaired??? When asking then should I place all my glass in green bin she said NO, I could be fined!!!! What a joke as they have been doing this for months so it ok for them and you as a council to mix our waste. My question now is when is this lorry going to be repaired!!!! (08/05/2018)


Both Kier and RDC are committed to recycling as much waste as possible and as efficiently as possible during the course of daily waste collection operations, and standard operations is that glass is collected separately from other recycling materials.

Each recycling vehicle usually has a main recycling compartment and a side glass pod container. On some occasions, it may be necessary for individual crews to take the decision to put glass into the main container with other recycling materials. This should only happen in rare circumstances when the separate glass pod on the waste vehicle may break down, or is filled to capacity but there is still capacity in the main vehicle.  This is generally deemed to be the most efficient way to operate a collection round as it may not be efficient for the waste vehicle to travel to a depot when only partly filled.

If it is necessary to mix the glass with other recycling materials, the waste is still recycled as normal but requires a little more processing to remove the glass.

It is in Kier’s best interest to avoid mixing the recycling where at all possible as mixed material may lower the value of the material which then may affect Kier’s costs.

Please be assured that there is no fine to residents if they put glass into the recycling bin but we would urge you not to do this but to continue to separate glass as you have been doing. RDC has not been made aware that Kier will not be repairing vehicles, and the mixing of glass in with other recycling will be addressed with Kier management staff directly. (08/05/2018)

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