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Hello, there is a report in the Bexhill & Battle Observer of 12/6 that ESCC has submitted proposals to close Western Road. Has Rother had any input or sight of these plans and what is your opinion on them please? (17/06/2020)


Thank you for your enquiry. I can advise that ESCC has been granted money by Government to assist with getting High Streets up and running safely.

ESCC has contacted all the Districts and Boroughs in East Sussex and asked for some outline views. The timescale was incredibly short as they just wanted ideas.

Some of the suggestions put forward ranged from signage, appointment of street ambassadors through to possible temporary road closures. ESCC has taken all the views away and are considering them within the budget they have available.

If ESCC felt a road closure was a positive approach to helping the High Street they will be required to consult with businesses and residents in that area.

As yet the Districts and Boroughs have heard nothing further. (18/06/2020)

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