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Should the Head of Tourism resign after her disastrous, ignorant, arrogant, uninformed performance on Radio Kent yesterday, July 11th, regarding the new £30 flat fee for parking in Camber Central car park, and the smaller one close by. Please investigate, listen to the interview, and let Camber residents know what action is being taken.


The interview on Radio Kent was given by the Portfolio Holder with responsibility for Tourism and Neighbourhood Services, Cllr Hazel Timpe (not the Head of Tourism). Whilst Cllr Timpe has held the responsibility for Tourism for some time, she has only held responsibility for car parking since the election in May 2023 and was not the Councillor with responsibility when the decision for the new charges at Camber was made. Having said that, she should have been better informed before engaging in the interview, and Media training is now being put in place for all Councillors.

Importantly, we have listened to feedback from disabled users and their families and are now not charging disabled people to park in Camber Central and Old Lydd Road car park for the duration of the trial.  We are currently seeking views on the £30 a day pilot and will review the charges at the end of the summer for the summer season 2024.

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