Question 11/18


Love Burwash Day – Thank you for the response but it would be useful to know the date that this particular stretch of the A265 was actually cleaned so that we can determine when we should expect it to be cleaned again. If there is a telephone number and a name of department that I can contact I could find this myself but this information does not seem to be available on the website. (25/04/2018)


As previously advised, although the suggested frequency may be monthly, the contract is based on achieving a standard so Kier are not obliged to clean it every month if the condition of the road does not require it to be done.

However two weeks ago, w/c 16th April, I am advised the mechanical sweeper went through Burwash High Street, and next week the Burwash Road from Hurst Green through Haremere Hill through to Burwash Common will be cleansed as part of a seasonal push by Kier to meet required standards. (02/05/2018)

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