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Given the opportunity tourism offers Rother this summer, it is very disappointing that nothing has been done to repair the children’s water fountains beside The Colonnade, Bexhill. For the short period the actually worked, they were a huge success for visitor and residents alike. It would be good to understand when the council plans to get the facility repaired? Also, to understand why, given the short period they operated, no contractual remedy could be enforced to get the designer and/or installer to pay for any necessary repairs. (07/06/2021)


We are disappointed that we are not able to offer this facility at present as it was a popular feature along Bexhill seafront.  After much investigation it has been difficult to ascertain exactly where the fault with the fountain arises. This is partly due to its location and that much of the infrastructure is below ground level. This makes it then difficult to allocate responsibility for remedial works, particularly if several parties were involved in the installation. What we do know is that it was losing a considerable amount of water during its operation that made it unviable and unsafe to operate. We have been advised that the only way to establish the fault and identify a possible remedy is to excavate the whole area, and remove the water tank and associated pipework. This will be costly, and at times when finances are stretched there are other services of a higher priority that need the available funds. We very much hope to be able to resurrect the water feature in time to come. (14/06/2021)

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