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I would like to know if RDC have a management plan for the woodlands north of Preston Road, Sidley, called Levetts wood. If there is a plan I would like to read it. At the moment it seems rather overgrown and in need of maintenance. If correctly managed this area would be a valuable asset to the people of Sidley. (13/03/2019)


The Council is aware of the current condition of the woodland which has open public access.  However, there is no formal management plan for these woodlands.

There are two small bridges to assist with access in wet conditions but no other surfaced footpaths.  An extensive area of over mature chestnut coppice was re-cut approximately 10 years ago with the assistance of a grant from the Forestry Commission.  The remainder was left as mature woodland.  This is a good site locally for bluebells.  There is some timber left on site from previous tree works due to the lack of access to remove it.  There are more fallen trees to clear following recent bad weather and this will be done as soon as possible.  Due to the volume of timber which is accumulating on site it will be necessary to remove some of this and we will be looking in to what options we have to achieve this. (13/03/2019)

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