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Love Burwash Day
An initiative of Burwash Parish Council, Love Burwash Day, is happening on Saturday 28th April. Villagers work together to clean road signs, clear paths, tidy pavements and pathways and remove litter. The A265 road runs through a large part of the parish and litter is a problem in the verges along this road, especially in the area around the property known as Judins. It is our understanding that Public Liability Insurance advises against work along the major highways like the A265 and the litter problem here cannot be successfully dealt with by the village volunteers.

The Council’s Code of Practice with regard to street cleaning states that roads are cleaned/litter picked at varying frequencies according to their nature and use. Would you please advise me when this stretch of the A265 will be next cleaned and what is the frequency of cleaning in this area?


Kier currently has a 4 week litter picking plan in place to address A roads that may need traffic management in order to pick the roads safely. The A 265 should be covered off as part of this. These roads are not litter picked to a precise schedule, but more to achieve a required standard.(25/04/2018)

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