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I made the mistake which of littering whilst getting a coffee in Ravenside. For which I am sorry and tried to rectify the situation and paid the fixed penalty notice. I hope this zero tolerance can be applied to the parks and that there is a cost benefit analysis showing the use of council funds to employ officers to fine people has a local long last impact Vs employing maintainance staff to actually go do the bare minimum works of emptying the provided bins and facilities. Would he BA able to comment on the actions being employees to improve the local environment and maintain the parks. A comment from my children was the disgusting state of the pond at Edgerton park as well as roads around the industrial Estates. I would like to make sure we have the correct focus of improving the actual environment rather than forced prevention.

I would also like to understand if any action has been taken on the massive environmental releases from council contracted waste lorries spilling recyclables along the south coast. I tried multiple

Times to report to council officials and have been passed from pillar to post.

In my experience when assets are well maintained and people are proud of the environment and facilities it’s is a far greater deterrent than threats of financial penalties.


Our enforcement officers work in all public areas across the district. Income received is used for environmental work. I cannot comment on issues not within ROTHER or the responsibility of the Council.

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