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I purchased an electric vehicle at Christmas and work for ESCC based at the Conquest. I have to rely on public charging due to living in a flat.  When will Bexhill fall in line with governments guidelines and actually install public chargers.  Whenever I try and use the ones in Hastings, they are always filled by other electric cars.  I live in Bexhill and I am a key worker and need my car for my job.  Other counties have engaged in the plan … when will Bexhill actually start to install the public chargers we so desperately need. (07/06/2021)


Rother District Council is investigating a range of options to provide electric vehicle charging points in council owned off-street car parks. The electric vehicle charging market is disparate at present, and there are more than 30 different charging networks across the UK each with a different approach and methods of payment. We are therefore taking time to allow the market to mature and establish a more cohesive approach before investing in technology and methodology that may quickly become outdated. We fully support the use of electric vehicles and hope to establish a network of charging points in the near future. (On-street electric vehicle charging points would be provided by East Sussex County Council). (14/06/2021)

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