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I am a Bexhill resident, a responsible dog owner and a grandfather, who enjoys OUR public park (Egerton Park) all year round.

I noticed this morning the personal training season began as the exercise machine area was occupied by a paid business person earning money on public property, not my main gripe. My issue is that as the summer becomes more conducive to these fair weather circuit trainers, their numbers increase exponentially.

Last year there was more than 60 of these individuals in one large party running across and around the main green and some unable to stop due to their prolonged inactivity (hence the trainer), running at their attainable top speed and falling as a way of stopping, luckily just missing my dog.

Do these people have a license to disturb the peace?

Has the council issued such a licence ?

Can I set up an ice cream stall and make profit without a licence on public land?

I remember watching a news item where this problem is being dealt with in other parts of the country but not ours.

These people if not monitored will be consumed by avarice, and there will be little time for quiet contemplation or picnicking or any normal activity as it will be training season!

Please deal with this issue before confrontation forces you to act.

These people are business orientated, as long as they can earn money they will, to the demise of our Park. (04/04/2018)


A report was taken up to Scrutiny Committee to be considered, but officers were asked to do further work into the setting up of a registration scheme for these groups. (11/04/2018)

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