Question 08/20


I understand there are problems with services from RDC during the current situation but are there any plans to cut the grass on Gibbet Marsh, Rye.?
Other areas are being managed by RDC contractors but this area in Rye is being neglected.


Thank you for your enquiry about grass cutting at Gibbets Marsh in Rye.


Our grounds maintenance contractors have recently resumed grass cutting and essential turf maintenance tasks at a small number of sites in Bexhill and Rye where it has been identified that the contractors are able to complete their work in accordance with the most recent government COVID 19 guidelines, including social distancing guidelines.  We will be reviewing grounds maintenance operations on a weekly basis in conjunction with our contractor, taking into account any changes to the government’s guidelines, in the hope that we will be able to increase the number of locations where grass cutting can safely resume.

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