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Affordable housing delivery. Given that the most recent figures show that supply of affordable housing does not keep up with demand, what is the councils plans to increase affordable homes to encourage our young residents to stay in the area ,and do all new builds have affordable housing ? and can you give me the figures. (15/02/2019)


From a policy position we have the approved Core Strategy and RDC approved Development and Site Allocations Plan (now with the Planning Inspectorate) which identifies sites for housing and affordable housing up to 2028 – sites will come forward through planning permissions.

The new Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy was recently approved by Rother District Council’s Cabinet. The Strategy includes as one of its three priority themes the aim to  ‘Support the provision of well-designed homes, across all tenures, that are affordable, sustainable and suitable for people’s needs…’

The Strategy’s Improvement Delivery Plan includes a range of objectives relating to the delivery of both affordable rented accommodation and shared ownership accommodation options, designed to better meet home ownership aspirations. The Strategy and its Improvement Delivery Plan can be found under agenda item 8 in the Cabinet minutes, on our website: (25/02/2019)

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