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The Council Tax bill shows a no less than 11.3% increase in the costs of Rye Town Council. Whereas apart from the police, the increase is 3% or less in line with inflation. Presumably this is approved by the ‘real’ local authority for this area, yours. If we really must have this purely ceremonial body which is currently paid for at £100 a year per Band D property, cannot it be self-funding? I.e. those who want it pay for it. I can see the attraction of a town crier, meeting rooms, etc but these can be operated on a commercial basis. Otherwise there is absolutely no impact on our lives. Personally I would abolish the Council as a completely outdated concept, and unnecessary waste of money but I know some local people love dressing up, throwing hot pennies, etc. Comical, really, but let them pay for it. At the very least, cut the increase to 3%. What does the Leader think? Thank you. (20/03/2018)


Rye Town Council is a separate legal body and has the right to set its own precept. It is not governed by the referendum requirements of other tiers of local government. The District Council’s role is to collect and pass over the amount precepted and has no legal power to influence the decisions of Rye Town Council. (20/03/2018)

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