Question 07/21


In Sidley woods at the bottom of the rec a few years ago a bridge was built by one of your employees. After me asking, the man who built it kindly put ramps either side which has enabled me to walk my dogs with my mobility scooter as I have MS.  Over the winter, both ramps have been destroyed and the wire, giving good grip, has been removed.

I am just wondering whether there is any chance of this being put back to how it was to make my dog walking more enjoyable again.  Many thanks. (29/04/2021)


The wire mesh on the bridge had been damaged and become a trip hazard so it was removed. Idverde were unable to repair it at the time. The ramped ends of the bridge have now been damaged which we were not aware of.  We will arrange for the wire to be replaced and the ramped ends repaired. (04/05/2021)

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