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I was wondering why the verges of Sussex country roads are only ever cut back but *NEVER!* cleaned of the rubbish (and every county in my experience). So, so many of the A and B roads (not so much the less travelled C roads, thankfully) verges are covered in so much litter that in some places you can’t go more than a meter or two before the next plastic this or paper that and every other unwanted item SOME car occupants throw out carelessly. Is there a valid reason why there are no litter pickers to clean up the county’s road sides? (people on community service perhaps? )

Potholes get fixed soon enough after the complaints roll in, but as most people travelling through the countryside are car drivers, I’m guessing they don’t notice the rubbish, but as a cyclist I feel like I’m cycling through the local rubbish tip at times. It’s disgusting to see all of this rubbish just lying there day after day, week after week and yes, month after month, it makes me angry as nobody from the powers that be seem to care.

Maybe you can help?

Are you the ‘A Team’ and have you got a plan that can come together to change things for the better in our countryside?

P.s. I’d bet the cycling tourist’s love it just as much I do… (01/03/2018)


Thank you for your comments regarding litter alongside roads in Rother with which I sympathise wholeheartedly.  Our contractors Kier are focused on clearing litter from roads as soon as possible, now that the winter season is coming to a close. Unfortunately many of the roads are busy, and traffic is fast moving. In order to protect litter pickers on these verges it is often necessary to close carriageways or install traffic controls, and this has to be done in conjunction with East Sussex County Highways and Highways England.  Where possible Kier will coordinate litter picking and street cleansing with road works if these are made known to us sufficiently in advance. Please be assured that litter picking of roadside verges is an item of much importance and is completed when safe to do so. (05/03/2018)

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