Question 06/21


I note in that RDC are reviewing the daily parking charges for Gibbet Marsh in Rye and considering a substantial reduction to encourage visitors to use it. How will this affect resident permits? It would be fair to presume they would also benefit from this reduction.  (24/04/2021)


There is a proposal in progress to reduce the Council car parking charge in Gibbets Marsh to £2/day but it has yet to be approved by Members. The cost of a car park parking permit is £323.00 per annum which is equivalent to 88 pence per day and is felt to represent good value for money. At present there is no plan to reduce the cost of a permit. It is expected that the Car Park Task and finish Group will continue its review during 2021 and it may be that parking permits will form part of the Groups review and considerations.  (27/04/2021)

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