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Why has £10,000 been allocated to celebrate Prince Harry’s wedding when many other things are much more important? Helping to house or give night shelter to the homeless I see sleeping out in freezing conditions, surely would be a benefit to all the community! Or funding the excellent Roaring Twenties celebration in July which many hundreds of people enjoy, and bringing in much needed revenue to the town? If people want to celebrate the Royal Wedding they can, why do the rate payers have to subsidise them? (25/02/2018)


Thank you for your question regarding the allocation of funds to the celebration of the forthcoming royal wedding.

The decision to allocate a part of our Community Grant Scheme to this fund was based on the community benefit derived from social gatherings and street parties. We believe that this promotes a strong sense of belonging in communities and, as people get to know each other and offer a helping hand to their neighbours, goes some way to combat isolation and loneliness.

Separately, we support tourism events that draw in visitors to the district and support our local businesses. The Roaring Twenties event in Bexhill has been the recipient of this funding for the past three years but the organisers have not applied to us for funds this year.

The Council is aware of the rising incidence of homelessness and through its Housing Needs team provides support to individuals and families through temporary accommodation and access to social housing. Housing benefit payments amounting to in the region of £27million every year are distributed to those in housing need in the district through our benefits team. (26/02/2018)

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