Question 05/23


After moving from Eastbourne to Bexhill I was astonished that there are no recycling bins and dog waste bins on the seafront. Why? (12/03/2023)


Thank you for your enquiry. It is no longer a requirement to have separate dog and litter bins. All our litter bins are able to accept dog waste too, and all of the litter bins along the seafront have a sign on them saying ‘and dog waste’. Even if the bin is not labelled ‘dog waste’ dog owners are still able to put dog waste in any litter bin. Being able to put dog waste in with litter supports the waste collection service in being more efficient and cost effective.

With regards recycling, unfortunately litter bins for recycling ‘on the go’ does not generally produce contents that can be recycled due to contamination with non-recycling materials. Experience shows that a better quality of recycling is collected at kerbside, outside residents properties. However, once the waste collection aspect of the UK Environment Bill is implemented, this may all change and we will look again at how best to improve recycling rates and the quality which may include introducing appropriate measures on- street. (14/03/2023)

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