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When will the district and county council be taking legal action against the water companies such as Southern Water who have a total disregard for the environment, coastal sewage spills and leaks. They are polluting our water, undermining the local economy and putting peoples health at risk.
Meanwhile they pay out millions to their unaccountable share holders and pay lavish salaries for failure. TIME FOR CHANGE AND TIME FOR THE COUNCIL TO TAKE ITS GLOVES OFF!! (22/08/2022)


The Rother CEO and myself met with local MP’s and Southern Water following the recent sewage release into the seas at Bexhill and will be progressing this matter at a high level to seek improvement to bathing water quality and agree further actions.  Alongside this the Environmental Agency will continue to work with Southern Water to ensure that all avenues are explored to prevent future pollution incidents and apply appropriate action when it does happen.

With regards taking action against water companies, we would suggest you contact your local MP, in this case Huw Merriman, to request pressure is exerted by the Government on water companies for possible compensation. (06/09/2022)

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