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Is it possible to install signage on Cooden beach reminding dog owners to keep their animals under control or on a lead?  Could an area of Cooden Beach be made “dog free” or “dog must be on a lead” for a period of the year in alignment with the main Bexhill Beach?

Dogs and their inconsiderate owners are making it difficult for families to visit the beach without: being bothered, growled at, having our belongings climbed over; have children visibly scared. (10/04/2021)


There is a large beach safety sign located on the beach adjacent to the Cooden Beach roundabout which does display information reminding dog owners that they must clean up after their dogs and keep them under control at all times. Dogs are allowed on the beach without being on a lead on this section and therefore the signage does not request otherwise. We do have a lovely stretch between Brockley Road and Sea Road where dogs are not allowed on the beach from 1st May – 30th September. This restriction zone is enforced throughout the summer by coastal staff and we would encourage you to utilise this space if you wish to enjoy your time on the beach without the worry of dogs.

If you witness aggressive dogs which you consider to be a danger to the general public we advise that you contact the Police. If you witness dogs on the beach which you believe to be out of control but not a danger to the general public you can contact the Bexhill Coastal Office on 01424 221407. If available, a member of staff will happily pop along to speak with the owner. (19/04/2021)

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