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I would like to raise concerns regarding the proposed development behind Fryatts Way and Concorde Close. As a resident one of the main reasons for buying our house was it’s rural feel and the lovely views. I found an article stating the land was not subject to planning and was designated a green space so why is it now a proposed site of development.

It would appear that Rother council would like to have every green space in Bexhill built on and that the feelings of the residents don’t matter. We have been asked for our opinion but I’m sure Just like the Barnhorn development our fears will not be listened to. Is it fair that we are all forced to move out of an area as it will change completely due to the type of development being proposed. When will this stop. I now wish I had not moved to Bexhill as it is being destroyed by greed under the premise of affordable homes which are never affordable. Please can the council explain why they want to destroy the lives of local residents. (24/02/2020)


I understand this is a consultation undertaken by the landowner – there is no planning application.  If an application is submitted it will be advertised in the usual way.  The site is not allocated in the current Development and Site Allocations Plan.  Please see link below to the document. (26/02/2020)

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