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I was hoping that RDC were going to improve the recycling process in Rye. The Gibbet Marsh car park recycling centre is now overflowing with rubbish strewn across the car park. The clothes bank is falling apart and fly tipping is a daily occurrence. Why hasn’t the Jempsons recycling centre been replaced? Why don’t RDC pursue fly tipping? I have had lame excuses from your Team Leader that it’s difficult to find the culprits. Why not use social media to expose them on Facebook – photos, evidence? Isn’t it about time RDC were being proactive rather than just clearing away rubbish without investigating it? The site on Gibbet Marsh is a disgusting dump in the middle of a Historic town. I have sent many photos to your Customer Services. (17/01/2018)


We are aware that this site at Gibbets Marsh in Rye is not in good order. We are awaiting new lids to be fitted to the containers on site. These new lids will have proper slots which will not allow bulk items to be placed in the containers. We take your comments regarding social media and proactive enforcement on board and will review what measures we can take at all our sites to reduce fly tipping activity.

Our Compliance Officer will go to site to check the clothing bank and we will contact the British Heart Foundation to replace the bank if it is in poor condition.  (18/01/2018)

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