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Hello Doug, We do hope you can help or pass to the relevant departments, as it appears everyone else is ignoring us. We live in Fryatts Way (TN39 4LW). There is a development happening across the road from us by a developer called Court Developments Ltd. Whilst we the residents of Fryatts Way and surrounding roads accept there would be a degree of disruption, the developer and their contracts, are making no effort to minimise the impact on residents. We believe the approved development application stated that contractors vehicles would be parked on site and not on the very narrow road. Unfortunately this is not being adhered to and contractors are showing no consideration and blocking driveway with their vehicles. This has been communicated to Court developments on numerous occasions and been completely ignored. The residents, who are mostly elderly are being held hostage in their own homes unable to leave due to the inconsiderate parking of vehicles. If they are able to leave their homes there is no guarantee they can get back on their driveway or even park close to the homes. At least two residents have carers visits three times a day and the carers have raised concerns regarding be able to park. The developers dumper trucks speed up and down the road meaning you take your life in your hands trying to cross the road. All these infringements, including starting work as early as 7:15, the mud and debris all over the road and pavements, which is never cleared up properly, have been logged with the council but as yet nothing has changed/happened. This type of behaviour and disregard for residents would not be accepted on a main road, so why is it allowed on our cul-de-sac, we still pay the same taxes so would expect Rother council to take our concerns and issues seriously and act accordingly. We feel that as residents we should have rights but this developer seems able to do whatever they like with no consequences. We implore you to visit our road to see for yourself. (08/02/2023)


This site was issued planning permission (RR/2020/565/P) on the 6th April 2022, with conditions imposed. The complaints received relate to the condition of the road left with mud on them in breach of Condition 5(g). A planning enforcement case was opened and remains live. Numerous emails have been received from local residents, and responded to, and meetings held with the developers to informally resolve the matter but issues have still been reported. With allegations of mud on Fryatts Way and Ellerlsie Lane in breach of the condition.

The next step is to arrange a meeting between Ward Councillor Thomas, Court Development, the Planning and Planning Enforcement Officer to discuss with the Developer what action they could take to resolve this matter.

I hope this clarifies the current position. (15/02/2023)

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