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I have received a letter dated 22 April “accusing” me of non payment of council tax and threatening subsequent legal proceedings.

If one of your team should check my account, they will find that on 8 April (two weeks before the letter) it was over £1300 in credit, and, as of today, over £1500.
I have just returned from your office having been told that no apology will be forthcoming, and also told, in a very light hearted manner, that someone had made a technical error.

This does not appear to be a very efficient and effective way of running a business or organisation. And the fact that there is to be no apology to be extremely crass, rude and ill mannered.

I hope that someone will be taken to task for this disgraceful error – and as you are doubtless aware, responsibility starts at the top of any organisation.

Apology? Recompense? (09/05/2022)


Unfortunately there was an issue with the Council’s Finance system resulting in payments made by residents on the 8th and 9th of April not being credited to the relevant residents Council Tax account.  As a result some residents received a reminder for non-payment in error. This system failure was rectified as soon as the Council became aware but unfortunately this was after the reminders had been issued.

I can confirm that measures have now been put in place to identify any issues that may occur in the future quickly reducing the risk of residents being contacted in error. (11/05/2022)

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