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Why doesn’t the mechanical sweeper clean the traffic islands any more, also the gullies and pavements are never swept down Sea Road. (07/01/2019)


The high volume of traffic on many of our roads, coupled with necessary strict health and safety regulations, makes the cleansing of traffic islands and roundabouts difficult to complete within normal working hours. Our street cleansing contractor Kier is restricted to cleaning these locations at quieter times and/or during road closures to minimalize the risks to their operatives who would otherwise be in close proximity to fast moving vehicles. This means careful, advanced planning is required and we would be grateful if you could advise of the location of specific traffic islands to which you are referring so we can direct Kier’s cleansing resources efficiently.

In regards to Sea Road, Bexhill, we will ask our Compliance Officer to inspect the level of cleanliness and instruct Kier to clean both the pavements and gullies if they do not meet the required standard of cleanliness. (07/01/2019)

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