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When Bexhill beach dog ban comes in on 1st May who’s responsible for enforcing it? There often seems to be dogs on the banned areas during the summer and I’ve never seen nor heard of anyone being asked to leave or fined. (26/04/2022)


It is the Coastal Operations Officers responsibility, along with the Beach Patrol Team, to speak with dog walkers on the beach when they see the rules being flouted. This they do on a regular basis during the season but it is a large beach when the tide is out and so a large area to cover. It is not our desire to fine visitors, but more to educate responsible dog-walking and the reasons why.

There are also signs in Camber Central car park explaining the dog walking restrictions, and relevant information on our website.

The Beach Car Park Attendants also advise and educate visitors on dog walking restrictions and direct visitors with dogs to the correct car park. (26/04/2022)

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