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I am curious to know how a fine of £60 is justified for a parking overstay of 10 minutes. Clearly I was over my ticket time. But £60 for 10 minutes??? I was out with the Rye Runners, a group supported by the council with a view to keeping fit and not becoming a burden on the taxpayer. When I found the ticket I anticipated a fine of £30 – but double that? How is this calculated and justified? I will look forward to hearing from you as I am mystified. (01/02/2020)


The Standard Charge to park in a Rother District Council car park was set at £80 by Councillors in 2005 and has remained static ever since. This charge is not levied if a motorist adheres to the regulations of the car park by parking wholly within a bay and either displaying a valid permit or paying for their parking session with cash, credit/debit card, or RingGo. These regulations are displayed in each car park.

Should a visitor to one of our car parks fail to meet the regulations, for example by overstaying the time they have paid for, our Enforcement Officers may issue a Notice to Pay Standard Charge against a vehicle. If the motorist has mitigating circumstances and wishes to appeal the Notice, they can do so by emailing or writing to the Car Parks Team at Bexhill Town Hall. A copy of our appeals criteria is available on our website: Where it has been levied, the Standard Charge is reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Our payment methods offer flexibility for visitors who are unsure of the duration of their stay. Our credit/debit card option allows visitors to “check in” on arrival and “check out” on exit, and our RingGo option allows for the parking time to be extended remotely by telephone or mobile application. For more information regarding the different payment options available, please visit: (03/02/2020)

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