The Council is under a general duty to make arrangements for the collection of household waste, but there are variations on the service offered to residents due to the wide range of locations we collect from.


Household Waste

The Council collects household waste from homes throughout the district. We also collect "bulky" items for collection, like settees and cookers, when a charge is made. More information can be found on our  page.

Special arrangements have to be made for the collection of clinical or medical waste.

Waste on Roads or Pavements

The Council is responsible for keeping the highways clean. More information can be found under Street care and cleaning.

Waste on Private Land

The owner of the land is responsible for removing the waste. If the waste is organic or could provide harbourage for rats the Council can request the landowner to clear the land.


The Council deals with the removal of unauthorised waste deposited on public land. Find out more about Fly-tipping and what an be done about it.

Waste from Businesses

Businesses and non-domestic households are responsible for the disposal of their waste. They must ensure they use a licensed waste disposal contractor. We would strongly advise businesses to consider recycling as much of their waste as possible, and to discuss the matter with their waste contractor.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency investigates the illegal disposal of waste and chemicals.

Please telephone: 0645 333111 or in emergencies: 0800 807060

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