Councillors, democracy and meetings

Councillors, democracy and meetings

Councillors, meetings, reports, decision making and accountability.

Committees, Agendas and Minutes

Please note that only Agendas and Minutes from 2015 onwards are available on-line Find out more about Committees, Agendas and Minutes


Information and contact details for Councillors. Find out more about Councillors
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Have your say...

Find ways to give input and feedback to the Council Find out more about Have your say...

Calendar of Meetings

A calendar with details of all Rother District Council meetings. Find out more about Calendar of Meetings

Who is my councillor?

Enter your post code to quickly find your district councillor. Find out more about Who is my councillor?

Parish Councils and Wards

The Rother District has 32 Parishes and 20 Wards. Find out more about Parish Councils and Wards

Bexhill Town Mayor and Charter Trustees

The Bexhill Charter Trustees comprise of all 18 Rother District Councillors who represent the wards in Bexhill, once elected to Rother, they automatically become a Charter Trustee. Find out more about Bexhill Town Mayor and Charter Trustees
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