Your rights to attend and report council meetings

The above Regulations came into force on 6 August 2014 and apply to all councils and other local government bodies in England, allowing the press and public to film and to report, using social media through blogging or tweeting, of all a body’s public meetings.

Public Question Time scheme

The Council has a public question time scheme which allows the public to put questions to the appropriate member of Cabinet at full Council meetings. Any organisation or anyone who works or lives in the Rother District can submit one written question to full Council attended by all the elected Councillors.

Petitions scheme

We welcome petitions and recognise that they are one way in which you can let us know your concerns and have adopted a Petitions Scheme which sets out how we will deal these and what is required from you.

Who can petition us?

Any Rother resident can submit a petition provided it includes 10 or more signatures. A petition may be signed by anyone living, working or studying in the Rother district.

How can I submit a petition?

Petitions can be submitted in paper or by using an e-petition website.

Petitions submitted to the Council must include:

  • a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition. It should state what action the petitioners wish the Council to take; and
  • the name and address and signature of any person supporting the petition

The full Petitions Scheme details information about the different types of petition, how we will deal with your petition, how we will keep you informed and subjects which, for legal or other reasons, we cannot accept as petitions.

Petitions Scheme – RDC

Petitions already received.

Comments, compliments and complaints

The Council is keen to provide the highest quality of service to all of its residents and visitors to the area so we need to know if you are concerned or dissatisfied with any part of our work or the level of service provided by the Council. By receiving complaints we have the chance to put things right when mistakes have been made and to improve the quality of our services.

We treat all complaints seriously, investigate them thoroughly and respond as quickly as possible. If you wish to make a complaint against the Council please see how to make a complaint.

Further advice

For advice please telephone Democratic Services on 01424 787813 or emailĀ

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