Events must not be promoted for private gain. They must be for a genuinely public event. We need at least 12 weeks’ notice.

Before the Order is made you will be required to produce evidence of insurance to cover public liability up to £10 million. If closure is for a local community organised street party the insurance cover for public liability needs to be up to £5 million.

If a Temporary Road Closure is required to hold a static local community street party to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on any dates from 5th May – 8th May (incl.) please complete the shortened application form located under ‘related documents’ below. The last day for accepting this type of application is Monday 3rd April 2023. We strongly advise you to have public liability insurance of £5million, to protect yourself from any claims. The normal Temporary Road Closure application process should be followed for larger events to celebrate the Coronation (i.e. events with processions or multiple road closures etc.). No fees are required for any Temporary Road Closure applications for street parties or events for the King’s Coronation.

Other closures, such as road works should be made to the local area highway office.


  1. The applicant should complete this form and include a clear plan-showing the roads to be closed.
  2. In all cases except Remembrance, a fee of £100 is payable.
  3. The Council will then consult Sussex Police and the Highways Authority (East Sussex County Council) and East Sussex County Council public transport section.
  4. Once East Sussex County Council and Sussex Police confirm they have no objections, a Notice of Intention to make a Temporary Street Closure Order is produced incorporating any requested conditions and a copy sent to the applicant
  5. The Temporary Street Closure Order is then sealed and a copy sent to the applicant, if requested.

Any Order made will be subject to:

  1. Reasonable pedestrian access being available at all times.
  2. Vehicular access for emergencies being available at all times.
  3. Road closure and diversion signed being erected to the approval of the Highway Authority at the cost of your organisation and removed by them at the end of the temporary closure.
  4. Your organisation being responsible for stewards in the event.
  5. Your organisation being responsible for clearing the Highway immediately after conclusion of the event and for any damage which may be a patient to the Highway, including street furniture, during the entire period of preparation, event and clearing-up operation.
  6. Street fire hydrants must not be obstructed.
  7. No assistance can be given by the Police in the removal of vehicles from the close length of road during the preparation of the event.
  8. No claims will be entertained by the County Council (as Highway authority), the District Council, the Town or Parish Council or any statutory undertaker in respect of any accident damage or injury sustained as a result of the event; the onus is on your organisation to obtain necessary insurance cover.
  9. Your organisation being responsible for notification to all those affected by the Order, especially those fronting the Order, in writing 14 days prior to the event.
  10. Separate application being made for any necessary Licences or permits for entertainment, charitable collections etc.

Before the Order is made you will be required to produce evidence of insurance to cover public liability up to £10 million.

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