The Equality Steering Group is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, Lorna Ford, and has been working towards improving our service for our local community.

As well as meeting our legal requirements this is also key in improving our Customer Care Standards. It is one of the key Corporate Projects and has Councillor Sam Coleman as a representative of Cabinet on the group.  It also includes representatives from service areas and a number of Community organisations.

Service/ Organisation

  • Rother District Council
  • Care for the Carers
  • DISC Dementia Support
  • Rother Voluntary Action
  • Age UK
  • Hastings Rother Rainbow Alliance
  • Rother Senior Forum
  • Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance
  • Southdowns
  • Little Gate Farm
  • Sussex Police
  • East Sussex Vision
  • East Sussex Hearing
  • Women of Vision
  • Homecall

The responsibility to promote equality of opportunity and to take action to identify and address possible discrimination whenever and wherever it could occur is the individual responsibility of every Councillor and employee of Rother District Council.

Agendas and Minutes

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