Improve our knowledge and understanding of Rother’s communities

  • Improve the collection of data to show the demographics of the district (data sources like Census 2021 and performance measures)
  •  This will improve understanding of different characteristics within our district for our members and staff to use for district profile tools and training.

Encourage all residents to have a say in the decisions that affect them and get involved in their local communities

  • Rother Equality & Diversity Steering group
  • Consultations, surveys & focus groups  
  • Social media / My Alerts
  • Complaints and feedback about services

Deliver services and customer care to meet the needs of all residents

  • Customer service standards across the council
  • Ensure an equality access to all service to meet the diverse needs of our residents
  • To reduce complaints through self help and digitisation of services
  • All public council meetings to be accessible
  • Ensure that we provided access to our services through different accessible formats (website, interpreters and physical access to our buildings)
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