The Head of Paid Service and/or the Democratic Services team must receive your question by close of business, five clear working days before the meeting (not including weekends, bank holidays or the day of the meeting).   This normally means that when a Council meeting takes place on a Monday, the deadline will be 4.30pm on Friday (10 days earlier). The Head of Paid service may reject a question if it is frivolous, vexatious or offensive or if it does not meet the criteria for questions which are listed in the following guidance.  Reasons for rejecting a question include those relating to certain topics such as legal or enforcement proceedings, current planning applications or those that require disclosure confidential or exempt information. Further details of the Council’s question time scheme can be found Public Question Time Guidelines.

Thirty minutes are allocated at the beginning of the meeting and those putting a question to Council will have the opportunity to ask a supplementary question that relates directly to the answer provided to their original question.

On arrival at the full Council meeting, please make yourself known to the officer in attendance.

Your question can be submitted by emailing

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