Currently, residents in receipt of Universal Credit have to apply separately to the Council for a reduction in their Council Tax.

We already get information from the Department of Work and Pensions about people on Universal Credit and how much money they receive.

We propose automatically applying this information to give a reduction in the Council Tax bill.

The advantages are:

  • This will stop delays in people on Universal Credit getting a Council Tax Reduction.  Currently, there is often a delay in getting a claim or no claim is made at all.  This means people lose what they are entitled to get and pay more Council Tax than they should had done.
  • Currently, some residents do not realise they have to make a separate claim for CTR from their local authority.  This is often because all their other benefits come through the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • It will ensure those who are eligible automatically receive the reduction they are entitled to.
  • An automatic claim is simpler and easier for us to process.  This will reduce our administrative costs.

We have not identified any drawbacks.

If you know anything else the Council needs to consider please tell us about it in your response.

Read about proposal five

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