The Council acknowledges and undertakes that:

  • consultation is a fundamental part of good public service; it will be the starting point not an afterthought
  • consultation will be based on openness, trust, integrity and mutual respect for all participants
  • consultation will be used to seek views before decisions are made
  • requests to consult may come from inside or outside the Council
  • consultation will seek to involve all parties who can contribute to or who are affected by the outcome of consultation
  • it will seek to explain to people why they are being consulted, what they are being consulted about and how their views will contribute to any decision
  • some people will be less able to participate in consultation than others; specific efforts will be made to identify and target these people; every effort will be made to ensure that consultation is representative
  • it will seek to ensure that the issues are clearly understood and that objectives, timescales and expectations are clearly identified
  • relevant and easily understandable information will be provided to consultees with particular attention to those who have special communication needs
  • the results of the consultation and any impact upon Council decisions will be provided in the most appropriate form both to consultees and the wider community
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