Attention: schools, colleges, community groups

East Sussex County Council’s waste disposal contractor, Veolia, can organise visits to the following facilities;

  • Our Energy from Waste plant at Newhaven
  • Our Composting Facility at Whitesmith
  • A Materials Recycling Facility in Brighton

For further information see Veolia’s website

Mixed Refuse

This is sent to the Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility which processes about half the household waste in the South Downs area. That’s approximately 210,000 tonnes of waste per year. The facility converts waste unsuitable for recycling into over 16 megawatts of electrical energy – enough power to supply 25,000 homes. The electricity produced is then supplied to the National Grid.This unit is operated by ESCC’s waste disposal contractor Veolia. For more information see Veolia

Mixed Recycling

This is delivered to a local transfer station and transhipped to the state-of-the-art Viridor Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Crayford the mixed materials are separated (for the most part automatically) and baled into large blocks. These bales are sold into commercial markets as raw materials for the glass, metals, plastics, card and paper industries. To see in more detail where our recycling is sent on a month by month basis you can create an account on Waste data flow which is a public website. Waste data flow provides information for all Local Authorities in the country on the volumes of recycling collected and where the recycled material is sent to be processed.

Garden Waste

The garden waste collected in Rother is taken to the composting facility at Isfield managed by Veolia. To find out what happens to your garden waste please visit Veolia’s composting facility page.

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