Rother District Council is happy to support local volunteers by providing equipment and arranging the disposal of any litter collected. Please be aware for us to support such an event it must take place on public land such as a beach or green space, it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear private land.

If you are interested in organising or taking part in a voluntary litter pick please read about the key considerations here How to organise a litter pick

Making sure you and your fellow volunteers are safe is really important so we would strongly recommend you complete a risk assessment and email it to us prior to your event.

It is important that you make us aware of where and when your litter pick is taking place so we can ensure you are safe, have the right equipment and lastly arrange for our contractor to collect any bags of litter promptly afterwards. You can also dispose of any litter collected by placing it in your household wheelie bin. Larger volumes i.e. 2 sacks or more we can arrange collection and disposal through our waste contractor.

Please contact us:

Email –
Email – 01424 787000

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