Litter is a problem that affects every corner of our District, from the centre of our towns to the remotest rural places. The frustration with litter is that it is totally avoidable, whether that be the deliberate dropping of litter or the careless non containment of waste which leads to spillages.

Litter, scavenging & avoiding spillages

It is really important to make sure that when household waste and recycling is stored outside that the contents are fully contained within a container. For most of you this will be within wheelie bins and we therefore urge you to make sure those lids are fully closed at all times so scavengers cannot pull the contents out. If you have excess waste we ask you to take it to your nearest tip . Do not place out excess side waste next to your bin for collection, It will not be collected and there is a significant likelihood it will be ripped open by scavengers.

For residents who live in sack collection areas who do not have space for wheelie bins we kindly ask that if you have space for one on your property that you source and use a small dustbin to contain your waste. When presenting sacks you must present them on the day of collection just before 7am, please do not place sacks out the night before. Any sacks placed out outside of collection times will be viewed as fly tipping for which offenders can be fined.

Litter and dog waste

Any form of littering is simply not acceptable, everyone has a responsibility to throw their waste away appropriately. Within Rother we provide a significant number of both litter and dog bins in many areas of high footfall and/or where they will be well received. It is simply not acceptable to just drop litter because there is not a litter bin in close proximity.

We have seen an increase in dog waste which is such an unpleasant sight on our streets. Dog waste can be disposed of in any litter bin, dog bin or taken home and placed within the household waste bin. There is simply no scenario where its expectable to leave dog waste or bags on our streets. We ask all dog owners to plan their walks knowing that they will pass a bin on route. Please dispose of dog waste correctly, BAG IT & BIN IT and keep our streets clean, thank you.

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