The Peasmarsh Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-2028 forms part of the Development Plan for Rother District and is used when determining planning applications within the designated Neighbourhood Area of Peasmarsh Parish.


22 April 2024 Adoption of the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 19)

The Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan was made by Rother District Council at Full Council.

Peasmarsh NP – Regulation 19 Decision Statement 1 May 2024
Peasmarsh NP – SEA Adoption Statement
29 Feb 2024Referendum on the Adoption of the Peasmarsh Civil Parish Neighbourhood Plan
Residents voted 224 to 40 in favour of adopting the modified Plan.
Peasmarsh NP – Declaration of Result
19 Jan 2024Decision to go to Referendum (Regulation 18, 2)

Rother District Council decided to take the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan to Referendum

Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-2028
Peasmarsh NP – Decision Statement
Peasmarsh NP – Report in Support of Executive Decision
Peasmarsh NP Schedule of Examiner Modifications
Peasmarsh NP – Decision Statement Appendix 1
24 Nov 2023Publication of the Examiner’s Report (Regulation 18, 1)

The Examiner has issued the Report in which modifications were recommended that would enable the Plan to proceed to Referendum.

Peasmarsh NP – Examination Report
16 Jun 2023The District and Parish Councils issued responses to the examiner’s Initial Comments

Rother District Council Responses
Peasmarsh Parish Council Responses
Peasmarsh District Council Additional Response
26 May 2023The examiner issued his Initial Comments on the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish and District Councils

Peasmarsh Initial Comments
23 Apr 2023Examination of the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 17)

John Slater was appointed to undertake an independent Examination of the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan and was sent the Plan, along with the supporting documents and representations.

Peasmarsh NP – Examination
17 Feb to
31 Mar 2023
Submission Consultation (Regulation 16)

Rother District Council carried out the Regulation 16 submission consultation for the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan.

Peasmarsh NP – Summary of Regulation 16 Representations
13 Feb 2023Submission of the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 15)

Peasmarsh Parish Council submitted the Plan to Rother District Council.

Peasmarsh NP 2021-2039 (Submission) (Feb 2023)

Peasmarsh NP – Basic Conditions Statement (Feb 2023)
Peasmarsh NP – Consultation Statement (Feb 2023)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 1: Housing Needs Assessment (Jan 2022)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 4: SEA Scoping Report (Feb 2022)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 2: Site Options and Assessment (Jun 2022)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 3: Peasmarsh Site Assessments (Aug 2022)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 5: Strategic Environmental Assessment (Oct 2022)
Peasmarsh NP Addendum 6: Peasmarsh Villagescape and Design Codes (Feb 2023)
31 Oct to
12 Dec 2022
Pre-submission Consultation (Regulation 14)

Peasmarsh Parish Council carried out the pre-submission consultation on the draft Plan between 31 October to 12 December 2022.

Details of the consultation can be found on the Parish Council website.
25 Mar 2021Designation of Peasmarsh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 7)

Rother District Council confirmed that the marked area shown on the submitted map (being that of Peasmarsh Parish) was formally designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

Designation of Peasmarsh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area
3 Mar 2021Application for the designation of Peasmarsh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5)

Peasmarsh Parish Council (as the relevant body) submitted to Rother District Council an application for the designation of Peasmarsh Parish as a Neighbourhood Area, along with the following documents.

Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Area Map

A statement explaining why the area is considered appropriate to be designated as a Neighbourhood Plan Area and why the Parish Council is a relevant body for the purposes of section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
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