Hedgerows are an integral part of the character of Rother’s landscape are the. The ‘Hedgerow Regulations’ were introduced in 1997 to protect hedgerows on agricultural land.

It is now necessary to give notice to the Local Planning Authority prior to the removal of any hedge relating to agricultural land. Hedgerow management is also vital to the retention of hedges in the landscape.   Advice on hedgerow management and grants are available from various sources such as Natural England and the High Weald AONB Unit.

When planting new hedges in rural areas, native trees and shrubs that are typical of the area are most suitable. Exotic types such as Leyland cypress are suburban in character, support little wildlife and are out of place in rural landscapes.

‘Removal’ of a hedgerow includes not only grubbing-up but also other acts that result in the destruction of a hedgerow. Normal management of a hedgerow does not require prior permission from the Council.

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