Two types of file are supplied for each quarter. A PDF file for ease of viewing and a CSV file to allow the data to be easily loaded and manipulated in a variety of applications.

Every report lists all payments exclusive of VAT to each supplier.

Expense areas reflect departments within the Council. It is possible for an invoice to have more than one line of entry on a report, but for the Expense Areas on each line to be the same. The Expense Type and Expense Type Description columns reflect the area within the Council’s accounts where the expenditure has been coded. The Extended Description field is a short description of the nature of the product or service that the expenditure was for.

The date used on the reports is the posting date. This is the date that the payment is updated onto the Council’s accounts which is generally the same as the date the payment is sent to the supplier.

In line with current government guidance, where personal information would have been revealed, the comment “REDACTED PERSONAL DATA” has been entered on the reports, in the Supplier Name field. Where commercially sensitive information would be revealed, “REDACTED – COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY” has been entered on the reports, in the Supplier Name field.

The real invoice numbers have been replaced by dummy numbers to help protect suppliers and the Council from potential criminal activity.

The data published is freely re-usable under the same terms as terms and conditions

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